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CDL Auto Club

Automotive & Commercial Driver Training Specialist

Professional Commercial and Automotive Driver Training

At the CDL Auto Club Inc. we offer convenient automotive training to fit your needs. In business since 1991, we have helped thousands of people pass their road test. We specialize in driving lessons and refresher courses, commercial driving license (CDL) training, 5 hour pre-licensing classes and own a variety of vehicles to help you pass your road test. When you learn how to drive with us, we will provide the same vehicle you were trained on to take your road test, especially if you on trained on a tractor trailer or a bus.

Our Services

Our goal is to make you a safe and responsible driver

Beginner/Refresher Driver Lessons

Beginner and refresher driving lessons are personal and completely door-to-door. We can help you build confidence in your driving abilities.

5 Hour Pre-licensing Class

A required step to getting your New York State driver license is completing the 5 hour pre licensing course.

Straight Truck Driving Lessons

There’s a high demand for professional truck drivers. Earn your Class B commercial driver’s license with us.

CDL (Class A) Tractor Trailer Training

Many of our previous students have become successful and comfortable drivers by taking individual lessons arranged to suit their personal needs.

CDL Bus (Class B-P) Lessons

We offer one-on-one instruction to help you start a new successful career in being a smooth bus operator.

Tractor Trailer or Bus for Road Test

CDL Auto Club Inc. will provide you with a tractor trailer or bus with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 26,001 or more pounds (11,793 kg)

Our Pricing

We offer Single Lessons and Packages for Car, Bus, and Tractor Trailer

Automobile Lessons

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Bus Lessons

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Straight Truck Lessons

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Tractor Lessons

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Get Your CDL NOW!

All of our cars are in great condition.
Our vehicles are fully enabled with heat for winter and air conditioning for the summer.

Save Money on Lessons With Us – Quality over Quantity

Every one of our students is different. There is no general rule to how many lessons it takes a person to be a good driver. During our first lesson we will recommend a driving package that our experienced instructor believes is right for you. There is no other way to understand how many lessons you will need until you take your first one. During your first lesson we will show you all the skills and techniques you need to perform in order to pass the road test.

Packages & Prices

  • Automobile Single Lesson Rates
  • Car For Road Test
  • Bus Single Lesson Rates
  • Tractor Trailers Single Lesson Rates
  • Truck for Road Test
  • Gift Cards Available!