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Beginner Driving Lessons

We understand that no two drivers are alike. Many of our previous students have become successful and comfortable drivers by taking individual lessons arranged to suit their personal needs. Whatever your driving background, you need a driving instructor who understands where you’re coming from – and what you as an individual have to do to pass your driving test.

Once you feel comfortable behind the wheel it is ideal to take the road test. We will escort you to the road test site and provide you with the same vehicle which you were trained in. We take care of scheduling your road test to fit your schedule.

Refresher Driving Lessons

Through our many years in business, we still find that people are naturally reluctant to seek refresher lessons. We have restored the confidence again of many reluctant drivers in a reassuring environment. All of our instruction cars are dual brake controlled. Our refresher lessons are given as individual lessons for maximum comfort.

Refresher driver lessons are suited for you if:

  • You now need to drive as part of your job
  • You need to brush up your skills
  • You’ve passed your test but haven’t driven much since
  • You’re moving to a suburb location and it will mean you’ll need to drive again
  • You lack confidence in a particular driving skill
  • You intend to supervise your son or daughter while they’re learning to drive and you want to insure you are teaching them correctly

Great Value for the Price

Our driving lesson rates are among the best in the New York area. Beginner and refresher driving lessons are personal and completely door-to-door. We will pick you up at your home or business and bring you back after your lesson is over. There’s no better way to find out how much easier driving seems when you get on well with your instructor.

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All of our cars are in great condition.
Our vehicles are fully enabled with heat for winter and air conditioning for the summer.
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Packages & Prices

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  • Car For Road Test
  • Bus Single Lesson Rates
  • Tractor Trailers Single Lesson Rates
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